Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi Girls
I am new her to show you my make up styles hope you all like it and that u all will wear it with pride.

Today we ar just going to do a basic overal dailywear make up.

To start we clean ouer face and get the first coleur we are going to use is the most white eyeshadow u can find in store..
step 1.strike the eyeshadow brush from you inner eye to the upper eyelid allong your it the same way on the other side
Now up to the next step Get the light bleu coleured eyeshadow strike these along the eyelid in a round bow.
Next get the black eyeshadow.strike this along your lid start with the outside of your eye and make a smale bow strike it ones along each eye,now we need a little LUXE Make up i have used olive green.but u can us every coleur u want just to get the sparkle ther a little strike on bolth eyes,go back to ur black ey shadow and strike it over the olive green so u will get the right coleur black back.
Now u will look like this if everything went well.
so if you all don this right u get this result

up to the next step get ur eyeliner ready,strike it among your eye start with your inside of your eye strike it all the way among your eye but just leave a little piece open between youre inner eye and your tearlid
now we need to get ouer black eyepencil to enlarge the eyes strike it on ur tearline go around the eye,for a little sparkle and brighness of the eye we get the white eyepencil and put it halve way the upperlid and in the corners of the inner eye u will get this as result...
Now we start with the finishing touche get youre mascare ready get the thickning mascara and the lenghtning u can find them bolth in shop.
If you done that we can realy start with the finishing touch the fake lashes from Sunny Bunny store.(love them,but they cost money) put them on each result we will get this 2 glamarous looking eyes.
we still need to get some coleur on the rest of ouer face. we get some peache blush(find them in store)& A middle brown coleured blush .we start with the middle brown coleured one to get the real lines,strike the blush along your cheeks not in the middle but strike them along the side of your cheeks u will get a very prety cheekbone just strike it as much as u want to get what u like,for the peach u strike it over the first one and just a little over the middle brown blush .
for the lips i have used luxe nude coleured lipstick. and a little LipGloss from Luxe edition
If u have done everystep right we Look like this
Hope you all like the look.
This was mmy very first post for this blogg so please forgive me if it wasnt totaly how you wanted it to be leave a comment and if i should do this job more and more often.

xxxx Nadine86

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