Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Look for today i have chosen is a smokey brown eye with sparkles.
step 1:highlight the eyes with pearl eyedust from LUXE
Now we take the brown coleured eyeshadow it is not for sale in store no more so maybe you have some similair brown coleured eyshadow.make a pretty bow over your eyelid maybe strike it twice now take a little purple strike ones a little over bolth lids(just for the warm coleur)after that you strike only ones with your brown eyeshadow over bolth eyes again.
Now for the smokey eye effect i have used a shade stick.just cirle arround the eye and work it arround the eye and dont forget to do your tearlid,but seems obvious to me when someones says arround the eye =) and get the perfect smokey eye.(love smokey eyes)
For the dark eyelids we use the eyeliner work it needtly around the eye and leave a small part open on the inside of the eye so we can make it shine again with the white pencil just for that little UMMff.
Just some mascara and were done withe the eyes use the lenghtning and the thickning mascara for the full use of you lashes.Next up some Blush.
I have used Peach Blush for this one it is in store for sale
Ready for the Last Step..If you want to use the same coleur as i did i have used the Orchid Ice Lipstick

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