Looking for Writers

Hey there,

As you can see my blog is still a little empty now i am looking for some great writers you can write about anything at least if your good at it .

I need someone who will post the free stuff that we can find on stardoll.

Next i still need someone who will do the outfitt of the day !

I also would like to have a writer who love celebrity gossip i do so if you do we will be realy great friends,and i would love to have someone who loves to write about all newbies on stardoll or look fo the best suite of the month or something.

like to be a writer for my blogg leave a message and we will be in touch.

xoxoxox Nadine86

Hey hi,

So as you can see people visit my blogg but they dont follow i wonder why??
I think because i just dont have enough info on my blogg.

So i need some writers do you feel called please let me know and reply on this post if you have a great topic you want to write about suggest and we will have a chat and if i like your idea you can be a writer for stardoll fanatics blog!

Have Blessed and great day!!
xxxx Nadine


  1. Im here to write about free stuff if u need me:] xxx

  2. Heey (: Can I Write For Freebies? xx

  3. Hello I would l0ve to be a writer.I can write for whatever you want.

  4. Heya!! I would LOVE to post the suite of the month or/and outfit of the day!! Contact me in my GB if you will accept me as a writer.
    My nickname is cherinababz!!
    XXX CB

  5. Hello my name's natasha i'll love to become a writer
    for hot new looks. please guess book me : D

  6. Heya Im prettypeaches2 I would love to be a writer :) guestbook me please :)

  7. If it matters, because I'm Brazilian, and I want to post things for free. Never in my life I was a poster of Stardoll blog, so wanted to be a poster. Thank you.

  8. Hey! It will be a amazing for me to write about the outfit of the day ;) In stardoll I'm YellowWeggy, so if you want, check out my blog ;))