OK Lady,s and Gents??

I need help as you can see ther ar still not many members and no comments on any of the post so...or i have to deleted the blogg account because it is a lot a work to make it realy WORK!
so i will be giving out 200 SD to the one who will bring the most followers to this blogg!!

How to do this. Write your name if you want to be in for the 200 stardollars price.

The people you invite to join this perticulair blogg,need to write the name of the one who has invited them.

the people that ar invited ar allowed to join the runn for the 200 SD(just write that u ar in to for the the 200 SD!

Hope u understand the rules so get buzzy lady's and Gents!

xxxxx your writer for today Nadine86!


  1. i will be on this...but the people that i will invite have to write here that have been invited by me?

  2. i was invited by pamela.lejla33 on stardoll