Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Competition!

Valentine's Day

Hi ther, for Valentine i have a competition for you all.

Make the best valentine's outfitt you can imagine!!!

and winn 25 SD

send your message's in a tinypic below we will take a look at them and post them her once all of that is done you all can vote for the one you love the most
for the runners up a gift 15 SD and 3# gift 10 SD .

Hope you will join!!!!

I know the prices arent that much but hey betterthan nutthing
and you all need to show me that the blogg is good enough and worth wile to spend more money on my lovely members!!!



  1. ofcours!!! i think u can!!!but we have to get more people to join or else we wont realy have a competition ,hihi!!xxxxxx