Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hey There dollywood lovers!!!!

So in my last post i had a great make up picture at the end of my post!

Remember ???

Some of you asked if i could do that make up ... so i did

Hope to amaze you all in a good way!!!! ;)

I think it is a sick ass make up and tried to give it all :)

Have fun trying out!!!


Hey there so the winner of the comp is announced i must say they all were great but Rihanna was the rightful winner gave her all true the entire competition so congrats to you laddie!

For my post's i am still some what to buzzy but try to keep you entertained.
So are you girls ready for some meat!!!

Gaga In her meat outfit!
enjoy!!! and speak to y'all soon!

Hugs and Kisses and a great day to all!

Ashley Olsen Make up tutorial!!!!

Hope you all like it !!!!

have a great day !! xxx Nadine

Just a drawing i made , plss don't copy .

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