Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi Girl's for today i have chosen this Look let's get ready
To get the eye's like the pic,above:We start with Pearl eyedust from Luxe.
Use the eyedust to highlight your eye's do the same thing on each eye strike it once,(it is just for the sparkle for now.
Next step take the Black eyeshadow,start halve way your eye and work it in a nice round bow,next up take the emerald green eyeshadow(lime green would be awesome to =).have you done this all right you get the result as seen on the picture above.
all steps ar displayed on the picture above.
pic3:for the difining of your eye we take the black eyepencil cirle it around the eye and work it around your lid on the upper you work it up so the blanc spots will be filled take the liquid eyeliner and strike that round the eye,dont forget to leave a spot open for the white pencil
Talking about the white we dont need that one.. Yet,first we start with the turqoise eyepencil strike some nice lines under the eye,on your upper just take halve of the lid,now we ar ready for the white pencil, take the white pencil and strike it a little over the turqoise on your upper lid not totaly or else the effect will be totaly gone.
Hope you all can enlarge the picture above that discribe's everything better,and you can see better.
You all done this right u look like picture 3 of the pic above you.
Next up let your eye's speak for themself's get your mascara,thicking and lenghtning as usual cant go without mascara =)
on to the next step we ar almost done now take the blush strike it on the edge of your cheekbone.i have used medium brown and the peach
(always use those that is best coleur for me i think,depents on the skincoleur ofcours)
Last step: The Lips get the lipstick from luxe it think it is a little waterlemon coleured lipstick so we call it like that,unfortunaly i need to tell you that the coleur is not for sale no more is store but you can use a gorgeous red,use the same lips as me in the editor because i cant reasure you that it will have the same effect with out the same lips,strike it twice and voilla!use need a little Gloss and we ar totaly done for today !!
Hope you al liked my tip for today do you have a great idea for next up comming post let me know and i wil try to work it!!!
To al of you i wish you a great Glamarous and Stardoll full Day!
xxxx Nadine86

Just another look.Inspired by Dior Make up.

what to use:Yellow eyeshadow,brown we need to mix or you have to have a orange one i ;) first highlight the eye's with eyedust pearl coleured just for teh take the brown and the yellow first use some yellow strike it up in a pointed formed kinda way.. look at the picture so you know what i mean.Now we take the white eyepencil make the lines on lid just above the eye see pic.
As you can see we need some Liquid eyeliner work it around and strik up of the corner of the outside of your eye.
Now take your Mascare use bolth thickning&Lenghtning
As u can see it looks great dont it?now work your cheeks and make them look like mine,dont have to ofcourse,i have used middle brown but i think caramel would be awesome and even better but i dint had that coleur so and for the ey's if you have orange that would be better to,but i dindt had that so i needed to mix it up.
Last Step.
use the hairstyle you want i kept it a little discreet because i dont now what kinda hair style all of you would love to have.
Hope you all have enjoyed it.I did see you next time.
Bye bye smoochiexxx Nadine86

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