Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi Girls"
As you can see i have the folowing make up tip for you today!!
Purple Passion....Hope you like it.lets get to work.

step 1: Get Your Purple eyeshadow out.
Start with the corner of the outside of your eye take a little of your lowerlid with it.take a sneak peak at the picture...if u want. :D
Next up we need the HotPink eydust from Luxe. work it on the center of your lid just a little strike is enough.
if you dont have the eyedust from luxe you can also just take a pink normal eyeshadow,but you have to miss the sparkles(it still will look great)
Next up...Ready,Very Easy we just need the Twilight Bleu eyedust from luxe store.i love the Luxe store cause i love sparkles if you didnt noticed that already.
Strike It over your eyelid just on the same place as the purple and the pink just aply a little more on the outside of the eye.
Just to get the fabulous glam look we need the totaly white eyeshadow
strike it on the innerside of your lid take a look at the picture to do it right.
Ooh and as you can see i have changed my hair coleur in a paisley purple coleur.
On the picture below we ar almost done.
We still need to put a middle brown blush on just strike it along the outside of your cheek work it up from you start down ...up.
As you can see the lips ar already done,i have used a starwberry pink lipstick,and over that i have used the nude coleured lipstick of Luxe again.
as you can see we have a glamarous look and not even with that mutch productsto count them.Purple eyeshadow,hotpink from luxe,twilight bleu frome luxe,and white eyeshadow,
for the cheeks just a middle brown blush and for the lips just a starwberry pink one and a nude coleured one if you totaly want to glamm your self up work it out with some more fake lashes,and what i didnt used was the mascara i totaly didnt tought it was neccesary but do u want to shine more and more i would say make your DOll Look GLAMFABULOUS!
To Make your Look some what more oustanding,You can use your mascara take the lenghtning and the thickning mascare use the bolth,
just for a little shiney stuff we take the wihite liner and make a little line on the inside of your lid and in the corner of the eye .
Get a great haircute and A VOILA.

That was it for today.

U have some idol you want me to try out just let me know i would love to try.

my postdays have binn changed so i will be posting on sunday with just my own styles of make up and on thursday i will be posting celebrity make up
xxxx Nadine

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