Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Howdy Girls!!!
The sun is shining wher i life, so i feel sunny and shiny happy!!(how is the wheather wher you life are you ready for spring summer and everything wher the sunn is shining)or do you life wher it is sunny and shiny everyday(i am so jealous ;-))

Sooo for today i have for u all Olivia Palermo Know from mostly the City

this look hasent cost a lot a money all the eyeshadow from dots ar 8$each and for the blush we pay also 8sd for the cost 9sd and for the luxe eyeshadow 22 if you all put it togheter it is a bit much,
but i havent bought it all in one time either,so just buy some make up ones a while and in time you collect all kinda coleurs everytime you have bought a new coleur you can mixx and match diffrent!

So hunneys save some money and buy some lovely coleur to make your faces treu paintings and works of art!

Goodluck doing this make up look and i realy love to hear some more celebs that all of you like so i can do more celebrity looks!!

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