Saturday, January 29, 2011

Will Disney be buying STARDOLL!!

So as you all may have heard,Stardoll is maybe going to be bought by disney!!!

And the new name will be(might be)DISNEYDOLL, how hiddieus is that plsss NOT.

I love Disney and love to watch all there movies and stuff, but hey stardoll is all about fashion and beeing covergirl and becoming covergirl that is the biggest dream of all the stardoll members so how in the world.... would they make it Disney princess! who of you wants to be a DisneyPrincess??! sure ther gorgeous but disney has nothing to do with fashion!!OR beeing covergirl and famous brands and designing clothing yeah maybe we can design the new dress for a new cinderella movie..hahah if i think about it it give a little good feeling ... but nah!!! i just want stardoll to be stardoll as it is and how it was no more changes i have enough!

And what about all the brands clothing,what dow e need to collect disney fairy dresses and cinderella dress i hope NOT!

I would like to hear your oppinions about Disney maybe would be buying Stardoll,if you read the article...ther only needs to be a lot a paper work done !!!:( so plssss say your praysss tonight before you go to bed and plss pray that stardoll wont be taken over!!!

xoxoxoxox Your writers for today ME Nadine86

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